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Clint and nem Banty Roosters

            Growing up in Purmela Texas, there wasn't a movie theater or bowling alley to attend, there was no Boy Scout troop to join or even a feed store to work at. Life is very simple when you just take care of your things and look out for your people. "What we did have was church, family and music!" (CAJ) Live music was a constant in the area. Everyone played something. Clint's father, grandfather, pastor, uncles, cousins and it seemed every visitor that came out to see any of them....they all played music. It has been said that Clint’s grandfather's back porch was the Ryman Auditorium of the greater Cowhouse Creek area. Impromptu jams lasting 10 hours weren't uncommon and Clint, although not a player was compelled to the music. Of course he sang! It would've been sacrilege and frankly impossible to have sat silently for all those years, as a young man engulfed by the sounds of tuned strings.The young Janisch developed a knack for poetry and storytelling through his formative years. “I finally picked up a guitar when I was 20. You could say, my dad had a hand in pushing for such." (CAJ) Within weeks, chords were blending and pen was on paper. A song writer had been created! Some 15 years later, standing in front of a polished and rehearsed backing band, Clint announced the release of his first solo album. The compilation is called "Port A”, and there is no need to sweat the musicianship. These guys have honed their craft. This record tells of heartaches, good times and real life experiences that will leave you scrambling for a tour schedule. This is obviously an outfit that needs to be seen. I'm already calling him about the 2nd album. He's a natural when it comes to leaving you wanting more.

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